Sonic's Big to find home in new game

Today, a popular day for new game announcements, saw the release of a trial/demo for Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3, the latest in an ever-popular series of spin-offs from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Masterminded by an as-yet unnamed group of elite developers, the demo sees Big the Cat continue his perpetual quest to find Froggy, his elusive pal.

Using my connections within the Sonic community, I had an exclusive opportunity to speak with one of the developers, who has asked to remain anonymous. Speaking of the Sonic franchise he expressed the great love that the entire team has for the previous games, despite admitting to "some missteps along the way". He went on to say that "Big's friendship with Froggy is obviously very important to him, and that shows through in the final product" and that the team is very proud of the game they have produced. Big the Cat is, of course, a character loved by many even though his appearances continue to be much rarer than demanded by the community. Popular YouTube content creators Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan of the Game Grumps, in particular, are known to have thoroughly enjoyed their experience playing as Big in their Sonic Adventure DX LP.

What does the future hold for our large purple friend? Only time will tell, but if this game reflects the level of quality we can expect from the final released product then I am confident that we will be rewarded for our patience.